2016 Pain Society of Alberta Conference

This coming weekend, Aurora Cannabis is going to be attending the Pain Society of Alberta’s conference in beautiful Banff, Alberta. Surrounded by mountain peaks that served as the inspiration for many of Aurora’s cannabis strain names, the Conference provides an important opportunity for the medical community to give an audience to, and collaborate with medical cannabis experts.

It looks like we’ve broken the threshold. Medical cannabis is dawning into a new era of acceptability and accessibility to both the Canadian public and the Canadian medical community. With medical marijuana becoming more and more mainstream, the landscape of the medical world is shifting.

But to many, the potential benefits of cannabis use haven’t been much of a secret. For years, patients have known how cannabis can improve the quality of their lives by impacting a wide range of illnesses and symptoms.

Unfortunately, many ill people needlessly suffered in silence, as access was limited, discouraged, or unavailable. With changes to legislation and regulation, decades of misinformation are being peeled back, and with ongoing collaboration with cannabis educated physicians across the country, patient access is improving every day.

The Pain Society of Alberta, recognizes that important role that medical cannabis has played in the lives of people living with chronic pain. Through their 2013 policy document, the Pain Society describes not only how medical marijuana helps to relieve pain, but more importantly advocates for a framework on how to prescribe cannabis to patients who need it.

The document thoughtfully outlines the concerns that the medical community would have with prescribing cannabis, while always placing the needs of the patient first.

The philosophy behind this policy document is rooted in facts and science, and takes an evidence based approach to medicinal marijuana. The Pain Society of Alberta understands that balanced scientific research on the potential therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis is improving rapidly. This is an important step towards the legitimacy of medical cannabis use, and most importantly, removing the stigma surrounding this special plant.

Importantly, the policy document distinguishes between smoking and other forms of intake. While understanding that smoking is still a common method of consumption for many patients, the Pain Society of Alberta recommends alternatives such as vaporization and opens the door to a conversations around ingestion as well. The document also advocates for a measured and moderate approach to consumption, and encourages a cautious diligence when prescribing to new patients.

There is nothing quite like cannabis in the field of medicine. We’ve only just begun to scratch the surface of the possibilities for what breakthroughs the future holds in terms of holistic cannabis health and wellness.                                    

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