Quiz: What’s the Perfect Vape for You?

Vaporizers aren’t one size fits all. Like jeans, they’ll fit differently depending on the person and their individual preferences. Ever wonder what’s your ideal vape? We’ve devised a quiz to help you find the perfect one to fit your lifestyle.

Q1: Do you often forget to charge your vape (or cellphone, for those who don’t already own a vape)?

If you answered yes, you might want to consider a vaporizer with a longer battery life. The Da Vinci will last you anywhere between three and five hours, the Mighty between two and three, and the Arizer Solo II up to two (this vape even allows you to charge and consume at the same time!) Whichever you choose, you’ll get a whole lot out of your device before needing a recharge – ideal for the on-the-go user.

Q2: Are you a first-time vaper or on a budget?

If you answered yes to either, a vape like the Black Mamba is a suitable option for you. It’s got a two second activation time, five temperature settings, and a micro USB portal for easy charging. At $45, it’s the ultimate introductory vaporizer.

Q3: Do you know the difference between conduction and convection heating?

If you answered yes, you may want to consider a vaporizer that allows you the option of both technologies. The Mighty is a great vape for this – known for its simplicity and power at the same time, it’s a robust device that produces a thicker vapor than most. Plus, it can be used with both dry herbs and extracts, and comes with liquid pad inserts to be used for vaping concentrates.

If you answered no, click here to find out the difference between conduction and convection – worth a read!

Q4: Are you the style-conscious vaper?

If you answered yes, the PAX 3 is probably the most stylish out of Aurora’s vaporizer selection. It comes in a variety of colours and uses a sleek multi-coloured LED display. Not only that, but the device delivers a vibration, or haptic feedback, when it’s ready to be used, and has a 10-year warranty.

Q5: Are you less concerned about portability and more about efficiency?

If you answered yes, a vaporizer like the Classic or Digital Volcano will be a better fit. They’re a couple of the most technologically advanced dry herb vaporizers on today’s market – and for good reason! These devices allow you to set your exact temperature and the amount you wish down to 0.1 grams. Extremely durable and user-friendly, the Volcano is ideal for anyone who wants a desktop vaporizer that will allow them to get the most out of their cannabis.

Keep in mind these aren’t the only vaporizers available on the market. When choosing a vape you should consider a number of factors, including portability (desktop vs. portable), battery life, method of heating (conduction vs. convection), and durability, among others.

Q6: Do you like using apps on your phone?

While not as critical as having a clean digital display or the preferred heating mechanism, the Crafty, Da Vinci, Firefly 2, and PAX 3 use  Bluetooth functionality to pair with an app on your smartphone and gives you more control over temperature and other settings. This allows for the adjusting of parameters on the Pax 3, such as “Boost”, which keeps the bowl hotter for longer, “Efficiency”, which increases temperature throughout the session; and “Stealth”, which activates the quick cooling feature.

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